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Legal Nurse Consulting

Expertise in medical standards of care.

Medical expert witnesses in Chicago IL
Experienced medical legal consulting + malpractice case screening.

Shari Jordan is the founder and owner of MTZ Legal Nurse Consulting. Shari is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) who specializes in Nurse Anesthesia in hospital and office-based settings. She is board certified through the NBCRNA and earned a Bachelor of Science of Nursing and a Masters in Nurse Anesthesia.

With over 24 years in the nursing field, Shari is highly skilled with experience involving critical care for both adult and pediatric patients and nurse education. She currently serves as an anesthesia provider in medical trauma centers as well as private practice and community hospitals.

Shari consults with attorneys on all case types occurring in the pre-intra-and postoperative settings, including medical malpractice related to preventable errors and undesirable outcomes.

Image of a nurse who works as a medical expert witness in Chicago, IL
Mission Statement
MTZ Legal Nurse Consulting comprises medical professionals with expansive knowledge in the field of anesthesia. We are vitally positioned to have a clear understanding of how anesthesia and the related medical disciplines interact to impact the peri-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative settings. Thus, giving you access to knowledge to the expected Standards of Care. Our skills and knowledge will SAVE you TIME and MONEY.

Legal consulting + Expert witness services
Providing medical understanding and insight to the legal field.

As experienced medical professionals, the MTZ Legal Nurse Consulting team is uniquely positioned to offer clarity and insight regarding medical malpractice cases and Standards of Care.

We provide accessible expertise regarding medical vernacular, records, and standard practices and procedures.

Case Screening
Medical errors cause a significant number of preventable deaths every year.

These cases often involve both a complex and costly investment for the personal injury law firm.

Save both TIME and MONEY by utilizing MTZ Consulting. An expert legal nurse will screen medical malpractice cases for merit.

Expert Medical consulting services
Schedule a consultation with our practicing medical professionals.

We're dedicated to expediting the process of identifying medical malpractice cases with experienced insight and accessible expertise. For help with understanding medical records, case screening, and more, contact MTZ Legal Nurse Consulting.

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